Available deposit methods:

  • Directly from your BTC wallet
  • from FaucetHub.io
  • from faucetsystem.com
Available withdraw methods:

  • Directly to your BTC wallet
  • to FaucetHub.io
Affiliate program:

  • 50% from faucet
  • 0.5% from mining on pool
  • 5% from the purchase of a cloud contract
CryptoNight pool

This is a multi-currency pool with automatic conversion of coins into the BTC

The reward system works on the pool - HBPPS

HBPPS means hour based pay per share. Each submitted share is worth a certain amount of coins.

The reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how many shares each of them has found during last hour

  • 24h avg round profitability: 1 Satoshi per 0 hashes
  • Last round profitability: 1 Satoshi per 0 hashes
  • Payouts: Every hour from 1 Satoshi!

For connecting to pool you can use your browser or mining apps

You can receive payments to site balance if you registered or directly to your FaucetHub.io BTC wallet

There is also an affiliate program, get 0.5% of the income from mining on the pool

Pool commission is 2%

Mining in browser

browser mining on maintenance
App Name Architecture Downloads Site Source Code
XMR-Stak CPU, AMD, NVIDIA Github xmrstak.com Github

When you first start, you will be asked to configure the miner.

  • Do you want to use the HTTP interface?: 0
  • Currency: monero7
  • Pool address:
  • Username: your BTC wallet on FaucetHub.io

    Before you can receive payments at FaucetHub.io with your address you must link it to an account.
    Create an account at FaucetHub.io and link your address.

  • Password: x
  • Rig identifier for pool-side statistics: nothing
  • Does this pool port support TLS/SSL?: n
  • Do you want to use nicehash on this pool?: y
  • Do you want to use multiple pools?: n
Last week statistic
  • Deposited:
    0.01375636 BTC
  • Invested in Micro cloud mining:
    0.01465327 BTC
  • Invested in Dice bankroll:
    0.00036781 BTC
  • Dice roll wagered:
    0.00034241 BTC
  • Amount of tickets purchased:
    0.00129206 BTC
  • Withdrawal sum:
    0.00183828 BTC